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1 e 2 giugno 2019

Junior Club Rastignano (BO)



The Band
Red Wagons are the premier jump blues band in Italy. They formed in 1998 and their music is strongly inspired by rythms and sounds of R&B of 40s and 50s: They play an explosive miscellany of boogie woogie, jump blues, rock’n roll and swing.?

They excute original compositions and reinterpret with thematical arrangements covers of authors as Louis Jordan, T-Bone Walker, ? Percy Mayfield, Charles Brown, Roscoe Gordon, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Red Prysock, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Ray Charles, Louis Prima, Buddy Johnson. 

Crazy Finger DJ Set 
 rock’n’roll , rhythm and blues, rockin doo wop e rockabilly.


Mickey Melodies
for at least ten years he has brought the music of the end of the 50s to the dance floors throughout Italy.
With the doo wop, the rhythm'n'blues, the rock'n'roll, there's nothing he love more than to make the dancers smile and have fun and see people of all ages on the dance floor.

Rebel DJ Set 
 As a boy he intuits the road of the Boogie Woogie competitions at an international level, distinguishing himself for his musical knowledge and related interpretations during the competitions, now he is dedicated to the collection and reproduction of vinyls and CDs making all the dancers dance, ranging from Boogie Woogie, Rock and Roll up to Rockabilly.